My name is: Demi

Pronouns: she/her

Hi there,

I am a recent Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Global Studies graduate living in Australia.

I have an ever-growing interest particularly in Middle Eastern studies regarding culture and religion and Migration law. I have lived in Chicago on two different occasions to further my studies in this field.

I have a strong passion for social justice and believe that every human being should freely obtain human dignity.

I created this blog to share my ideas based on what I have studied and to try share complex subjects in a simple, easy to read way.

My purpose is:

  • To create a positive response among readers.
  • To provide a platform that enables readers to learn something different.
  • To create a healthy and inclusive space for discussion.
  • Not to offend any person, culture or religion.

My amazing graphic design was done by the talented Adriana. You can see more of her work here.

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