I went to the ‘Disbar Kavanaugh’ protest in Chicago on the 4th of October. It has taken me a week to gather my thoughts and write about my experience.


It was very motivating and humbling to be around people who were as passionate as myself. I seem to get lost when I read about current events – I get into a rut of believing that I am the only one who feels so strongly about different world issues. I become cynical – I think that no one feels the way I do. The protest definitely opened my eyes and created an awareness within myself. As an Australian citizen, someone who was protesting against a man that technically will not have any influence within my daily political and legal sphere – I stood with humanity and the wider global community. This was rewarding and eye opening.

I felt great on the day. I felt motivated and my skepticism of protesting was completely gone. This all changed when I heard the decision on Kavanaugh on the weekend. I felt defeated. This feeling of defeat led me back to my original thoughts on non-violent protesting. It was just a loss that resonated in me. How, as a person full of passion and emotion will I make a difference?

Monday morning, after the news, I had my social justice class. The mood in the room was low, and I could feel my classmates defeat. However, we did acknowledge the awareness we created, the global movement of women’s voices and MeToo that we contributed to.


I learnt a lot from the protest about myself and about others. I felt proud to be part of something that meant a lot to thousands of people. It definitely was a learning experience for me and something that I will reflect on in the future when I am faced with another social justice issue.



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