Section 501 And The Question Of Human Rights Abuses

INTRODUCTION Migration law in Australia is intertwined with international law and standards. The international responsibilities that Australia adhere to come under conventions, treaties and standards. Although treaties are formal legally binding documents, Australia has breached many obligations under international law. This piece will explore s 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and analyse the... Continue Reading →

Why Does Xenophobia Exist In a Globalised World?

Aiiia Maasarwe - a name most people in Australia and around the world have heard this week. There have been endless facebook posts and articles published online that have created much room for discussion. Most of these highlight the need for Australia to shift attitudes and policies regarding violence against women. From this recent devastating... Continue Reading →


This is a short paper I wrote for my Islamic Studies class in Chicago. My grade was 95%. I wanted to share it. This is an easy read for beginners learning about Islam or wanting to expand their knowledge on the religion. References listed at the end of the paper. ‘How do you explain the... Continue Reading →


I went to the 'Disbar Kavanaugh' protest in Chicago on the 4th of October. It has taken me a week to gather my thoughts and write about my experience. It was very motivating and humbling to be around people who were as passionate as myself. I seem to get lost when I read about current... Continue Reading →


"If we refuse to speak for others, we may refuse a powerful platform from which to support struggles against oppression..." - Chilla Bulbeck.  I read this quote in a piece about Palestinian Women and the violence of Israel's occupation. It came to my mind this morning when I attended my social justice class. Learning about... Continue Reading →

An Obsession

As a Law and Global Studies student, I am constantly reading. As I concentrate on Middle Eastern studies, Islamic studies and Social Justice studies - I definitely have an overload of information in my brain at the end of each day. At the moment I am in Chicago, focusing on my fascination with the world... Continue Reading →

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